Salihiye Sacred Buildings


On the north-east of the Yamaç complex, excavations spreading over an area of 2250 square meters were completed in 2007. The building located on the northwest of the area is coded as SZY-01, and the building on the south-east, coded as SZY-02. Many graves were uncovered in the area, and some of the grave stones were rearranged, however the graves were left intact.

Excavations at the Salihiye Sacred Buildings 01 – Zawiyah

Salihiye Ziyaret Yapıları - Zaviye Kapısı
Salihiye Sacred Buildings – Door of Zawiyah

A group of structures, supposedly a zawiyah, consists of a Tevhidhane (a place for devotions), an iwan and a two storey unit to the east of the iwan . The approximate length of the rectangular building lying in east-west direction is 27.00 m. Initially, the rubble stones collapsed from top cover and walls were removed, and the interior parts of the building was completely cleared. The Western Building in a rectangular plan measures 9.70 x 4.30 m in dimension. It has access through two doors from north and east. The floor is plastered with cas mortar, and it has two windows with rounded arches piercing the northern wall. The building was probably used as a Tevhidhane.

The iwan measures 5.95 x 4.25 m in dimensions. There is a selsebil, a water canal (pipeline) extending in the north-south direction, located 2.73 m north of the iwan pool made of hewn stone with 126 m in depth and 1.76 x 205 m in size. . Yapılan çalışmalar sonucunda yapının doğusunda beşik tonoz örtülü bir mekân tespit edilmiştir . The excavations yielded a structure covered with a barrel vault to the east of the building. Based on the traces, it appears that it consisted of a ground storey and a terrace above it. It has a rectangular plan that measured 5.40 x 4.35 m in dimension, with 4 niches measuring 0.58 x 0.85 m in dimension and 0.50 m in depth on the southern wall. A 1.95 m wide trench was opened alongside the northern wall for revealing the outer northern wall and floor of the structure. At a depth of 0.80 m, a stone-paved floor was reached. Rubble stones and cas mortar were used for masonry.

Excavations at the Salihiye Sacred Buildings 02 – Mosque


The building coded SZY.02 is a masjid (mosque) lying to the southeast of the zawiyah courtyard. It is rectangular in plan, extending in the east-west direction. The east wing has been completely demolished. It is a symmetrical building, with an outer dimension of 15.00 x 7.30 m. The masjid consists of a rectangular harim (sanctuary) in east-west direction, and a narthex (son cemaat yeri) arranged in the form of a portico at the entrance. There were three arch spans providing access to the narthex, of which only two survived to the present day. The room was divided into two sections by a wall during the late period when the narthex and eastern parts of the harim collapsed .

The harim section measures 5.80 x 3.75 m while the narthex measures 5.80 x 2.35 m in dimensions. The floor was plastered with cas mortar. On the southern wall of the harim, there is a semicircular mihrab (prayer-niche) measuring 1.60 x 0.80 m in dimension and 0.50 m in depth. Across the arches of the portico constituting the narthex, there are symmetrically built arch spans measuring 1.00 m in width, and 1.70 m in height. Rubble stones were used for masonry, and their surfaces were plastered with cas mortar . An excavation was performed in an area of 8.60 m in length and 1.20 m in width and at depths ranging from 0.40 to 0.70 m to fully uncover the western wall of the building. On the other hand, a sounding was performed on the eastern part of the masjid for revealing structural continuity and the floor, however the sounding pit was closed due to non-availability of any floor.