Roman Gate


In 2005, remains of a Roman building that was constructed like a gateway to the southwest of the Hasankeyf Bridge have been uncovered.

The building constructed with square blocks of cut stones onto the bedrock using the corbelling technique remained beneath the structures after subsequent attachment of various architectural elements, and later on the Mullah Khalil (Şâb) Mosque located in the street known as the “Old Market” was built on top of it . It has a very solid front façade while the back façade was destroyed due to illicit diggings. The collapsed walls were repaired and modified in later periods.

The Roman building which was attached to the bedrock by retaining walls has a 2.28 m high and 2.00m wide gate opening. The depth of interior space is 4.93 m while the lenght of exterior wall is 7.60 m. Deterioriation is partly visible in 1.00 m high walls in the interior space. On the southernmost corner, it is reinforced with two pillars, and on the southeastern corner, there is a 1.35 m high and 0.98 m wide opening .

Some architectural elements were uncovered by removing the soil and rubble stone deposits on the southeastern and western part of the building. A pipe from the southwest was found in the western part during these activities. After removal of the layer with soil and stones, three more pipes were unearthed on the northern side of the building, extending towards the water channel in parallel to the previous pipe. Furthermore, a single piece of decorative mosaic fragment with unknown source was recovered .