Haydar Baba Zawiyah


The Haydar Baba Zawiyah was built on an area with an altitude of 526 metres known as Salihiye Gardens to the east of Hasankeyf. The zawiyah was named after a tomb (türbe) called Haydar Baba. The zawiyah and surrounding buildings are closely integrated to the tomb and turned into a small graveyard over time .

The 2009 campaign was carried out in 12 different trenchs according to the distribution of buildings in the area.

The building complex of Haydar Baba Zawiyah can also be regarded as a small social complex (külliye) centered by a tomb. The finds indicate that the area was inhabited during at least three different periods.

When the area called Salihiye Gardens is considered as a whole, it appears that pavilions and pavilion-like buildings are common in this vineyard site. It is likely that the arrangement of buildings with iwans and pools was the primary phase of the settlement. The function of the area most likely changed with construction of the tomb and the mosque. The identity of the body in the tomb is unknown, but it would be rational to assume that he was an evliya (saint), or a dervish, or a sheikh. The tomb built following his death became a visiting place, and zawiyah buildings should have been constructed for visitors of the tomb to dine and stay overnight. It is also possible to say that the vicinity of the tomb was turned into a small cemetery to show respect to the tomb and its enclosing area. The third phase consists of only the layers of foundation and floor with unsound structures built on existing buildings.