City Center Buildings

The area of about 140x140m in size with irregular borders called the Central Excavation Area in the midst of the Lower City in which the building groups of Koç Mosque and Süleyman Mosque are located was initially excavated in 1985 by Prof. Dr. Oluş ARIK.

In order to have an overall understanding of the buildings in the Central Excavation Area, the 2010 campaign focused on yielding intermingled buildings to the south of the Suleiman Mosque where a small part has been already uncovered during previous excavations as well as the central courtyard of the Koç Mosque and courtyard and porticos of the caravanserai located to the immediate east of the Koç Mosque .

The excavations in this region yielded architectural remains of civil buildings, in particular, from the Ottoman Period. Thus, the Central Excavation Area has been completely uncovered and understood in terms of intended use and integrity.