The area so called Caravanserai lies to the west of the bridge pier at the entrance to Hasankeyf on the Batman-Hasankeyf road, to the northeast of the former piers of the bridge. The activities were initiated as soundings in the area. After revealing the wall remains, the sounding activities continued as an excavation. The excavation area measured 20 m in the north-south direction, and 35.0 m in the east-west direction .

A 13.35 m long body wall extending in the east-west direction and partition walls of probably four structures were uncovered and measured in the trenches D –1, E–1, F–1 and G–1. A depth of -1.70 m was reached at the floor of these structures, and the work was completed in the area after levelling the ground.

The trench D-2 yielded remains of a vault at a depth of -0.30 m. The debris which was accumulated through collapsed part of the vault was partly removed, revealing an underground building at a depth of -1.80 m. Since the vault is at a risk of collapse, it was supported by an apparatus leaning on the timber bases. A small sounding was opened on the northwestern corner of the vault to reach the floor of the structure. It was found out that the floor was arranged by levelling the rock and coated with cas mortar.

No detailed information is available about the identification of this building which has been demolished to a great extent since it is located on an inclining land. However, it appears that it was a large vaulted two-story building established on a two stepped land with terracing. The walls were erected with stones, partly using bricks for arches and the roof system; it was found out that the original floor which is -3.0 m deeper than the present ground level was paved with stones, and it had a staircase with large and lower steps extending longitudinally to the Tigris River starting from the opening (the main door?) which is considered to be on the mid-axis of the building. Since it is located near the ancient bridge and has appropriate accommodation conditions, it is most likely that it was used to be a caravanserai.

After completion of measurements for surveying, a vault covering the building was re-laid from the outside, and covered with earth to be opened in the coming year.